On what motorcycle will it fit?

The bivouac fits on all motorcycles with a seat high equal or less than 110 cm.

(a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure included)


What’s the ground dimension of the bivouac when set up?

The groud dimensions are: 200 cm length and at least 100 cm in width. Whereby the width depends on the hight of your motorcycle. The lower the hight, the wider the ground dimension.


Can the bivouac be used without the motorcycle?

Yes, you can. Grab two sticks in woods and put them into the two free eyelets at the end of the bivouac. You also can span it between two trees.


Does the bivouac come with a floor sheet?

No, bivouacing  is all about realy sleeping outdoors. So it hasn’t a fully closed structure.  We recommend using a water proof sleeping bag cover, if you arrive on wet ground.


Can you guarantee the safety, while using the bivouac?

As all motorcycle producer can’t guarantee the stability of their stands, we can’t do it either. It is the responsibility of the user to secure the motorcycles. Please make sure you choose your ground carefully and ensure the stability of your motorcycle. Be also aware of strong winds and consider the right direction for set up.